Falcon Power Industrial- Home of the 3 in 1- Powered by Kohler®

Falcon Power Industrial is proud to announce the release of their new product line Powered By Kohler® engines. This new product line allows us to provide our customers the peace of mind their equipment will perform in any setting. Our Kohler® line of equipment come with a 2 year warranty through Kohler® engine service centers. We are pleased to have the best engine in the industry on our equipment.

realiable power

Falcon Power has been importing and distributing commercial grade power equipment since 2006. Our staff has a combined 60 years expertise in the equipment business. Starting out with the vision of offering light industrial equipment at a reasonable price for everyone to enjoy has allowed us to become the industry leader and visionary of new product ideas.

Whether it’s a standby power system for a large data center, a backup generator powering the family home through an outage, portable generators powering tools at the job site, or the cleaning power of a pressure washer, Falcon Power meets the power needs of consumers and businesses alike. Across the country and around the world.


Our headquarters are located in Round Rock ,TX. We have a distributor network that spreads across the globe. Our office employs industry experts including 1 of 100 EGSA certified technicians in all of North America.

Looking for a maintenance kit for your home backup system? What about a replacement part for your portable? Or how about a new hose for your pressure washer? Shop and buy genuine Falcon Power parts and accessories for your home backup generator, portable generator, air compressor, trash pump or pressure washer.

We have a well-stocked parts dept. with a fill rate exceeding 97%. No other competitor company offers what Falcon Power does for parts and service.

All  Falcon Generators are CARB, EPA, CETL and CSA certified, meeting the most stringent air-quality standards throughout North America.

We constantly striving to manufacture the best products for our customer base. We truly appreciate your business and look forward to selling you other Falcon products.


Corporate Offices: 2013 Lamar Dr. Round Rock, TX 78664

5 thoughts on “Falcon Power Industrial- Home of the 3 in 1- Powered by Kohler®”

  1. I have an 8500es welder generator and I am so far happy with the performance during welding. I just find it burns too hot and I can’t get the amperage setting right. Are there any issues with the control dial ? Or is there I’m doing something wrong. I turn it up and down and it don’t seem to adjust. Any answers for me would be helpful.


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